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Bonito Fav Food Foreign Trade Industry and Trade Corporation

Nişantaş Mah.
Yahya Çavuş Caddesi
No:16/2 Selçuklu Konya

T. 0 332 3210020

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Stage 1

By obtaining IYI TARIM and GLOBALGAP certificates, our apples, which are not harmful to human health and proven to be reliable, are carefully collected from their branches with the necessary hygiene conditions and shipped to cold storage.

Stage 2

Pre-cooling, grading and storage operations are carried out in our atmospheric cold air facilities in accordance with world standards.

Stage 3

It is carefully packed according to the demands of our customers.

Stage 4

After the final checks of our apples, which are ready for shipment, we set out with our tracking system and refrigerated vehicles to reach our customers and are delivered.