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Honey is formed by the light sweet liquid known as nectar in flowers entering the body of the bee and combining with various secretions and enzymes. Honey contains many macro and micronutrients, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals. After the bee secretes the transformation of nectar in its body, it empties the honey into the combs in the hive. The honey whose liquid evaporates here takes its final shape, which we bought in the market, when worker bees in the hive cover the mouth of the comb.

What is propolis? Propolis is a completely natural bee product with very strong antioxidant and antimicrobial effects that bees collect from the leaves, stems and buds of plants. It is used by bees to destroy germs in the hive and to sterilize the hive. Whatever function propolis serves in the hive, if it is processed correctly, it also shows the same effects on the human body. It helps the body fight diseases by destroying viruses and bacteria. Children in kindergarten, school, etc. They often get sick due to the germs they are exposed to in crowded environments. When consumed regularly, propolis helps to reduce the frequency of illness by strengthening immunity. Accordingly, it also reduces the use of antibiotics.

Vitamins and
mineral source
Stage 1

By obtaining IYI TARIM and GLOBALGAP certificates, our apples, which are not harmful to human health and proven to be reliable, are carefully collected from their branches with the necessary hygiene conditions and shipped to cold storage.

Stage 2

Pre-cooling, grading and storage operations are carried out in our atmospheric cold air facilities in accordance with world standards.

Stage 3

It is carefully packed according to the demands of our customers.

Stage 4

After the final checks of our apples, which are ready for shipment, we set out with our tracking system and refrigerated vehicles to reach our customers and are delivered.